Friday, October 2, 2015

Chapter 27 - A very, merry unbirthday to you... and you...

Acai was woken up early in the morning.

"MOOOOOOOM," she roared.  "He's CRYING again!"

She hated sharing a room with Citron.
I hurried into the kids' room apologetically.  "Go back to bed Acai.  He'll be asleep in no time," I promised.
When I finished feeding & burping Citron, I laid him back down in his crib and nervously approached Carmen.  I never knew if I was going to be rebuffed or not...

"I have a few errands to run.  Do you mind, sweetie?" I asked.

Carmen smiled magnanimously.  "Go ahead. I'll stay with the kids," he told me.

I gave him a shy kiss, surprised that he'd permitted it.
As I left the house, I heard Citron wailing again.  Oops, I'd forgotten to change his diaper....

Carmen hurried to Citron's crib and attempted to change his diaper before Acai woke up, but he wasn't successful.

Acai glared at her little brother.  "Can we trade him him for a dog?" she asked in a huff.

Meanwhile, I headed out to the bookstore to participate in a puzze-a-thon.  I was hoping to win the big prize & gain some logic skills.

It was a piece of cake!

I hurried home after the puzzle-a-thon and realized that today was Bitter Melon's birthday!  I hadn't even taught her how to walk properly & I was going to be sending her off to school! What if she didn't look both ways when she crossed the street?

I spent the afternoon trying to teach her to walk before her birthday celebration.
Carmen spent the day hogging the easel, not once letting Acai anywhere near it.

"That looks like a really good cake..." Acai said to no one in particular as she stared at the cake.
"I can't wait until we can eat it..."

In the confusion, Bitter Melon was placed in the master bedroom to celebrate her birthday.  She clapped and sang happy birthday for herself.

"You do realize it's your son's birthday, too? Right?" River whispered to me when I came back in the room.  "I brought him a present..."

I gasped. She was right! It was Citron's birthday, too.  How had I forgotten?

I slipped into bed.  I was just too tired to last any longer.

Hank pulled out his guitar and started to sing.
Carmen took pity on me and started herding people out.  "Looks like the party's over everyone! Time to head home! Find your designated drivers!"

You could tell he'd worked in a bar once upon a time...

"Daddy? Will you read me a story?" Acai asked for the 5th time.

"Sure, pumpkin.  How about I read to you from this logics manual."

Acai made a face.

"Hmmm... let me see what else I can find," Carmen said as he left the room.
Acai waited semi-patiently.
"Are you sleeping, Mom?" Acai asked, looking over towards her mother.

When I grunted in my sleep, signaling that I was partly awake, she asked, "Will you read me a story?"

Torch Holders: +1 (1) = 1
Painting of Torch Holder: +5
Sim Failing School: -5
Visit from Service Sim: -5
Passing Out: -5
Self-Urination: -5 (1) = -5
Accidental Deaths: -10
Social Worker Visit: -15
Births: +5 (3) = 15
Twin Births: +10
Triplet Births: +15
Fulfilling LTW: +40
Achieving Honor Roll: +5
Randomizing  LTW choice and trait for a generation: +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: +10
Every 100,000 dollars: +20
NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: +40
Cheat Penalty: -10 (2) = -20

Total = -9


  1. Oh, the craziness that ensues at bedtime when you have a few non-controllable kids running around! I'm surprised they didn't ask all the guests for bedtime stories too!

    1. Lol. In my 100-baby challenge I got so disgusted with kids asking for bedtime stories, that I got a mod disabling it. You can only be asked to glitchily read a story so many times! I haven't gone back since!