Sunday, October 4, 2015

Chapter 33 - Democrazy...

"This is getting ridiculous," Acai snapped early in the morning.  There hadn't been a morning for what felt like years that she'd been able to sleep past 5 in the morning!
She gathered Citron in her arms.
And left her for her mom to deal with.

"Your mom wasn't very happy with the way you handled Citron this morning," Dad warned her.  "We help each other in this family..."
Meanwhile, Bitter Melon helped herself to a nutritious breakfast...
...because her mother was busy trying to teach Citron to talk...
...and her dad was on a cleaning spree.

Acai was determined to earn brownie points with her mom, so she put a pot of macaroni on to cook.

"Do you mind if I go out to finish my case?" I asked Carmen, finding him down by the trash can. 

Carmen sighed.  "You're leaving me alone with the kids again?"

Guess my long hours were starting to get to him.

"I'll be home before dinner," I promised.

"Promise?" he pressed.

"Of course!"

Bitter Melon stomped through the living room.  "It's not fair that I can't play with my Imaginary Friend Doll!" she thought, waving her hands around in pique.
Mwah ha ha ha... they are stuck up on the... wait a minute... one's missing....
There. Perfect.

"Lunch is ready!" Acai called, ignoring the fact that she'd burned the macaroni beyond recognition.
"What do you think?" she asked nervously as Bitter Melon and Dad took a bite.
Bitter Melon coughed.  "Ugh. It's burned!"
"Don't worry, Acai. You'll get better!" her Dad said, semi-supportively.

I was across town, snooping for clues in my favorite local. 
At least I wasn't here at night, I shuddered as I tip toed past my friend the Grim Reaper.
I approached a collection of graves.  This is the spot I was interested in...

"Eureka!" I shouted with triumph.

I hurried to meet Tamara and close the case before lunch.  "So, it seems that half the voters on the rolls are located in the cemetary.  Last time I checked, the dead don't get a say in the election.  Unless the local government has approved a law for absentee death voting, I think you've got a strong case against Vita."

Tamara rubbed her hands with glee and got a little bit of a crazy sparkle in her eye as she planned her attack.

So glad I did my part for the local democrazy.
 I checked my watch. It was 11 am.  I could go in to work for an hour and still be home by lunch time.  It might be pushing it... but I really wanted to tie up a few loose ends.    (I wound up shooting the breeze with Blair Bunch.)

"Working on your homework?" Carmen asked unhelpfully.

"Yes, Dad," Acai said, trying to concentrate on her work.

"You know, when I was in school...." he began.

"Daaaad... not helping!"
Bitter Melon actually proactively cleaned the bathroom!
"Good girl!" I proclaimed when I came home.  "You get to go take that Art Class you've been wanting to take!"
"Alright!" Bitter Melon cheered, hurrying from the house.  (Child Command - Take Art Class)
"Bah - I already knew half that stuff already!" she complained when she left the elementary art class.  "That class was for beginners!"

After my shower and changing into some comfy clothes, I sat down to a bowl of macaroni that Acai had made earlier in the day.

"Yay! Macaroni!"  I didn't even care if it was burned!

Bitter Melon snuck into her mom's room and played with the banned doll.  She can't tell me what to do! she thought rebelliously.
I headed into the room to fix my computer.  Hopefully this time I wouldn't be interrupted.  I cringed when I saw Bitter Melon playing with that IF doll.
"Bitter Melon?" I said without turning around.

"Yes, Mama?" she asked ever-so-sweetly.

"Drop the doll and go to bed."
Bitter Melon sighed dramatically and dropped the doll by my chair, walking out of the room in a huff.  "It's MY doll!" she protested.

Egads - they're ALL gone!!
Phew! Fixed!

Bitter Melon glanced under her bed for her spare IF doll.
"Darn. Mom must've found it."

Torch Holders: +1 (1) = 1
Painting of Torch Holder: +5
Sim Failing School: -5
Visit from Service Sim: -5
Passing Out: -5 (1) = -5
Self-Urination: -5 (1) = -5
Accidental Deaths: -10
Social Worker Visit: -15
Births: +5 (3) = 15
Twin Births: +10
Triplet Births: +15
Fulfilling LTW: +40
Achieving Honor Roll: +5
Randomizing  LTW choice and trait for a generation: +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: +10
Every 100,000 dollars: +20
NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: +40
Cheat Penalty: -10 (2) = -20

Total = -14

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