Saturday, October 17, 2015

Chapter 49 - Passing the Torch

Bitter Melon left for school that morning with purpose.  It was her birthday.  The last day she'd have to sit through class..  the last day her parents could tell her what to do... the last day of her childhood & the first day of adulthood.

We'd stayed out at Acai's celebrating her new marriage until the wee hours of the morning.  Poor Carmen still had to wake up early to get to work.  I knew he'd be feeling it later.  Thankfully I could just sleep in.

Citron headed home with Marie Mae.  She'd invited him home with her to work on their research project together.  He just had to be home by 6 pm when Bitter's birthday party started.
He was sure his mouth dropped open when he met Marie's sisters, though.  Three sisters?  He'd never been so distracted from work in his whole life!(Black hair - Marie, Red hair - Amie, & Blonde hair - Lacie)

Carmen apparently couldn't wait to get home and slip into bed for a short nap.  -5

"Acai! Glad you could make it!" I said, immediately gazing at her hip line.  "So, that's a new outfit.  Anything you want to tell your mother?"

"Mooooom," Acai said with embarrassment.  She glanced around.  "So where's Citron?"

Citron had finished working on the project with Lacie, but still wasn't ready to head home.  He'd never been the focus of this many girls before.  He was really enjoying it.  They actually thought he was clever!

Bitter Melon, not even noticing her brother wasn't around, headed over to the cake to blow out the candles. 
She was celebrating with, or without him!

Carmen, you're killing me.... -5

Carmen had to see his daughter grow up, but soon after headed to bed.

Until someone else took advantage of the birthday cake.
Estevan Wolff...


"Look, let's blow this joint and do something crazy!" I told my newest cohort, the exceedingly handsome Estevan Wolff, and, hilariously, my brother-in-law.  That should give Freud plenty to think about!
"I'm in!" Estevan agreed eagerly. "What do you have in mind?"
My hands flew to the window of the cab as we approached the lot.  I clambered out of the taxi and ran towards the fortune teller's wagon, lost in the wonder of the moment.  "Oh! This is just like my Mom described it!" I said breathlessly, throwing my arms out to the side and spinning in circles.  "This is amazing!"  I gasped loudly.
"And THIS must be THE Jellybean Bush! My mom swears her life passed before her eyes!" I hurried towards it. "Isn't it gorgeous!"  

Estevan nervously glanced around.  "This really isn't the wild and crazy place I thought we'd go.  I was thinking more along the lines of going to The Grind and grabbing some drinks."
"Oh come on, don't be a scaredy-cat, try one!" I teased, grabbing one from the bush and popping it in my mouth.
Mmmm... it kind of tingles, she thought.

Estevan gamely proved his machoism by trying one, as well.  He swayed unsteadily on his feet.
"You okay?" I asked giddily, hoping to see him do something embarrassing.

Estevan lowered his head into the palm of his hand and pressed his fingers against his eyes. "Yeah, no, I'm fine. I just..." he trailed off as he shook his head.  Pinning me with a probing glance, he raked me up and down.  "How do you feel?" he asked, as though he was upset I wasn't having an adverse reaction.

I grinned at him.  "I'm perfectly..."  Immediately my legs clutched together.  Oh Plumbbob.  I had to pee. Like now.  Desperately I glanced around then ran across the lot towards the port-a-potty that was there.  I didn't even care how dirty it was, so long as I didn't have an accident in front of Estevan.

I heard him laughing at me as I sprinted away.
I returned to the spot where I left Estevan, attempting to appear as composed and serene as possible.

"Look, I'm feeling pretty tired after eating that jellybean.  I'm going home to have my mom check me out.." he said apologetically.  "Maybe we can get together later..."

I made a face and mimicked him. "Oh, look at me, I'm Estevan. I don't feel good after eating a jelly bean."  I held up my hand to pretend it was talking.  "I need my mommy to check my tummy."  I let out a hearty laugh, expecting Estevan to join in.

He was gazing at me as though I were crazy.  "Yeah, so, I'm gonna head. It was... something..."

"Ah, come on! Don't be like that!"  I called to his retreating back.  "We haven't even gotten our fortunes told yet!"

He kept running.


"Well, I don't care if he's here or not. I'm still getting my fortune told!" I entered the rickety old wagon and plopped down in the seat, gazing all around at the shelves and knick-knacks.

Finally a woman shuffled out with a head full of pale white hair, that I was pretty sure was a knock-off wig, and a stooped gait.

I held my hand out to her.  "Tell me my future," I told her brashly.

The woman hemmed and hawed about waiting to hear from her spirit friends and needing more time and money before she could make a reading.

Finally, I left, disgusted by the obvious charade.  She was nothing more than a charlatan!  I was so disheartened because I'd been so sure that tonight my future would unfold.  Whatever untold force that drew me to the alchemist shop on the night the witches brew was available would make itself known to me.
But obviously, this was all childish fantasy!  This bottle of witches brew that I carried around was nothing more than a waste of money! An expensive bottle of fancy water that I'd been tricked into buying!
I pulled out the bottle and scowled as I threw it down to the ground.
But then... 

The green-tinted smokey haze seemed to shift around me, caressing me, whispering secrets in my ear...

A smile spread over my face.  I felt so powerful... so alive... I could feel the energy pulsing in me now.

With some unknown instinct, I swirled my fingers around I was amazed to see sparks of fire magically appear.
And then, in my hand, a magical apple formed where none had been.

Oh, how foolish I was to doubt myself and whatever mysterious hand that was guiding me!

Torch Holders: +1 (2) = 2 (Bitter Melon officially becomes the new torch-holder! Yay!)
Painting of Torch Holder: +5 (1) = 5
Sim Failing School: -5
Visit from Service Sim: -5
Passing Out: -5 (2) = -10 (Good job, Carmen)
Self-Urination: -5 (2) = -10 (Way to get the job done, Carmen)
Accidental Deaths: -10
Social Worker Visit: -15
Births: +5 (3) = 15
Twin Births: +10
Triplet Births: +15
Fulfilling LTW: +40
Achieving Honor Roll: +5 (1) = 5
Randomizing  LTW choice and trait for a generation: +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: +10 (1) = 10 (Gen 1 spouse is officially retired & we never used any Happiness points for Carmen!)

Every 100,000 dollars: +20
NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: +40
Cheat Penalty: -10 (2) = -20

Total = -3 


  1. Leave it to Carmen to keep you from getting into the positive points XD

    Woo, an evil, rebellious witch! This is going to be awesome :D

    1. Carmen was killing me this round! I couldn't believe all his fails!

      I've never played a witch before, and so far I haven't figured out how to make her cast truly evil spells! She's spending a lot of time working on her alchemy skills!

  2. Maybe you should have gotten the bladder, and sleep happiness presents for Carmen! By the way just keep practicing your magic, and do NOT cast the haunting curse unless you have full magic power, and the nicest wand. If you fail at that spell your sim will die (I have had this happen to me a lot). Their are curses for other sims, and charms for your sim. The toad one might be entertaining!