Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Chapter 2-15 - Bad Mood Day

I scowled at the burned meal I pulled from the fridge.  You couldn't even tell what it was anymore.  Frowning, I poked at it while my husband cheerfully ate his breakfast sandwich.

"So? What'd you do yesterday?" he asked, making small talk over breakfast.

I hate small talk.  "I got a job with VJ at the Warehouse! I'm going to be their decoy!" I snapped.
Estevan choked on his bite.  "You... what?!" he wheezed.
"Oh, come on! It's not that big of a deal!" I said flippantly. "They just needed someone to distract the crowd.  Easiest $100 I'll ever make!"
"I don't know if I like the idea of you doing that, babe!" he said tightly.  "I wish you would've discussed it with me first!"

I sent him a withering glare across the table.  "You do not get to tell me what to do!"

Estevan pursed his lips. "If I asked you not to do it?" he rephrased.

I stuck my nose in the air. "I'll consider it."  Plumbbob, it's not like I wanted to be a career criminal or anything - I was just having some fun sticking it to the man!

Estevan heaved a sigh.  "Gee, thanks for considering my feelings on the subject," he said as he stood up from the table. "I've got to get to work now."

I rolled my eyes at his melodramatic exit.

I headed into the nursery and saw that Danjou was awake. I pulled him from the crib and then sat down in front of him.  "...And so then he was mad at me? Can you believe it? As if he can just tell me where I can work! Sometimes your Daddy drives me crazy! I wish I knew how to turn him into a toad!"  Finishing my diatribe against insufferable husbands, I crossed my arms and pouted.
Danjou looked away.

I threw my hands up in the air.  "You don't understand a word I'm saying, do you?!" 
"You're supposed to be teaching Danjou to talk, not teaching him to rant and rave," Simone admonished as she lifted her grandson up into her arms.
I jumped up.  "I'm teaching him to talk just fine!" I argued.

My mom rolled her eyes.  At me!  Had everyone lost their blinking minds today?
"Just because I do things differently doesn't mean I'm wrong!" I shouted at her.  "I'm so sick of everyone telling me how to do things!" I threw my hands up in the air again.  "Don't get a job in the criminal career. Don't complain about your husband to your son. PLUMBBOB!"
"A criminal career?" she gasped.  "What?!"

I left my mother reeling as I stalked from the room.
I had a job to do!

I pulled up to the stadium and felt my stomach flip.  This was it. I was supposed to case the joint and ask as a decoy for VJ and some of the other guys as they picked pockets.  I figured it should be easy enough to cause a distraction.
Like taking candy from a baby,  I thought with a evil snicker.

VJ had one last job for me to do before I headed home. 
I stopped at Nick Alto's.

Being head honcho, he wanted his cut of the pie, too.
"It's very nice to meet you, sir," I said respectfully, shaking his hand.

Nick checked me out.  "Always nice to get a new female in the field," he told me.  "They never seem to last long before they start having babies, though!"
"That is so sexist!" I said before I could stop myself.  "Besides, I've already had all the kids I'm going to have!"  Oh my plumbbob, I'd insulted Nick "the Godfather" Alto!  My bad mood had officially gotten me in deep doo-doo.

Only, Nick didn't seem to take any offense.  Instead, he laughed heartily.  "Good to hear! Maybe you'll stick around longer, then, toots!"

I handed him his envelope of money. 
"And don't call me toots!" I called over my shoulder as I started to jog home.
Nick's chuckle trailed after me. 

Inside, I found Estevan having an early dinner.
"I'm sorry, baby. Can you forgive me? I was in a foul mood today," I told him.

Estevan shrugged.  "Does that mean you're not going to do any more illegal jobs?"

I hedged.  "Let's talk about that later tonight... after Emu's party..."

Quickly, I hurried to take a shower.
With my bad mood evaporated, I was so glad to see all my family!  My sister, Acai, and my brother, Citron, both were able to make it to the party. 
Even my niece, Kristy was able to make it! 
I laughed when Citron's roommates, the Mae girls, fell all over themselves to make it inside first.  I briefly wondered if Citron was dating any of them.
Before the night fizzled, I called everyone's attention.
It wasn't every day that my baby aged up! 
Happy birthday Emu Apple!

I glanced over as Nick was talking to one of the Mae triplets.  "Mom, I think you should talk to Nick. He lost his wife not that long ago, too.  Maybe you guys would hit it off," I encouraged her.

"I don't know," Simone said hesitantly.

Not taking no for an answer, I shoved her towards my new boss.  "Go! Talk!" I mouthed.

Nick drew Simone outside where they could talk in private.  
It was the first time a man had flirted with her since her dear Caesar had passed.  And it felt good to be wanted...

Maybe Bitter Melon was right! Simone thought with a sigh.

Torch Holders: +1 (2) = 2
Painting of Torch Holder: +5 (1) = 5
Sim Failing School: -5
Visit from Service Sim: -5
Passing Out: -5 (2) = -10
Self-Urination: -5 (6) = -30
Accidental Deaths: -10
Social Worker Visit: -15

Births: +5 (4) = 20
Twin Births: +10
Triplet Births: +15
Fulfilling LTW: +40
Achieving Honor Roll: +5 (2) = 10

Randomizing LTW choice and trait for a generation: +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: +10 (1) = 10
Every 100,000 dollars: +20
NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: +40
Cheat Penalty: -10 (2) = -20

A few scores I'm adding from now on (thanks for the ideas toxi!):
Pets, for each family pet: + 1 (1) = 1
Hands Off for a generation: +10
Fire!: -5

Total: -17