Thursday, November 3, 2016

Chapter 2.24 - Not Recommended for Children Under 18

I worked on my masterpiece.  It really much to look at right now, but I knew it was going to be magnificent by the time I was through!
Ginger trotted over with a newspaper at dropped it at my feet, whining softly before picking it back up and dropping it at my feet again.

"Scram dog! I'm working right now!" I said absently.

Danjou Pear & Emu Apple rolled out of bed and approached their sister's crib, covering their ears to try to block out her supersonic shrieks.
"Do you think Mom and Dad would notice if we sold her on the computer?" Emu asked hopefully.

Danjou rolled his eyes.  "Yeah, I think they'd notice."  Knocking on his parent's door, he called out, "DAD! FIGGY'S CRYING!"

 "I'm coming!" Estevan said, sleepily rolling out of bed.  Man, he was starting to feel old...

 I glanced in the mirror as I was working on my painting, noticing the new crow marks at the edge of my eyes.  I glanced back at the painting.  No way in hell was I putting those signs of age in my pretty picture!

Danjou searched through the costume trunk until he found what he'd been looking for.
"THERE!" he proclaimed proudly.  "Now I look like you!"

 Not ready to go back to sleep yet after being so rudely woken up by his baby sister, Emu grabbed a book, "Why Do Vampires Suck, and other funny stories." Man, how cool would it be to be a vampire? he thought as flipped through the pages.

 I finished my last stroke.  Done! I thought proudly.  A perfect portrait!
Reaching down, I snatched up the newspaper. "Fine! Gimmie the damn paper!" I snapped at Ginger, who glanced at me with surprise.
I grabbed the canvas and slapped it up next to my Mom's picture, then frowned.  It came out stupid looking, I thought with annoyance.  I should try again when it was light outside!
Feeling sleepy, I headed to the bedroom, surprising Danjou, who froze like a deer caught in headlights when I walked in the door.
 "There, she's gone now," Danjou said.  "We can play again!"

 I slipped into bed alone.

Several hours later, I woke up groggily to find Estevan beside me in bed.
Rolling over to face him, I began stroking his arm, his hair... anything that I thought might waken him.

He kept right on sleeping.

"Estevan!" I shouted.  "Wake up!"
 Estevan jerked awake, jumping from the bed.

"What?! What is it?" he asked with alarm.

I grinned at him and rubbed the spot next to me.  "Now that you're up, do you wanna woohoo?"

"YOU WOKE ME UP FOR THAT?" Estevan shouted back at me. "I WAS SLEEPING!"
I gasped with affront.   "Fine! There's no need to get testy!" I jerked out of bed and stomped to my alchemy station.

Sniffing with indignation, I started looking through my big book for a potion that would turn Estevan into a toad.  That'll teach him to yell at me!
Or... better yet...

I grabbed a few ingredients and began mixing and stirring.
Perfect! A Potent Vial of Bliss!
 I turned back to the bed.  "Estevan, can I talk to you?" I asked sweetly.

Estevan stirred, shifting the covers off.  "God, Bitter Melon! I'm trying to get some..."
 Lifting up the potion high, I smiled at him evilly, then slammed it down at his feet.
"BITTER!" he exclaimed, jumping up to avoid his feet getting cut.  "What are you..." he paused, visibly relaxing.
Smiling at me, he seemed to lose the train of his earlier thoughts.  "I feel so happy!" he told me.
"Yeah?" I asked him, stepping into his arms.  "You feel good?"  Oh, I knew how good it felt when you had just the normal dose of Bliss, so I could imagine how good Estevan was feeling right now!

Estevan grinned goofily, nodding and rubbing his hands up and down my back.

I gazed at him coyly through half-lowered lashes.  "So, wanna woohoo?" I asked prettily.

"You're so pretty!" Estevan said earnestly.

Now THAT'S more like it, I thought with triumph. 
Eagerly, I hurried to bed and fixed the sheets.
 But, instead of following me to the bed, Estevan walked right out the door.

"Estevan?" I called out.  "Where are you going?!"
 I heard the bathroom door and wondered whether he thought I meant shower woohoo...

But, then I heard the toilet flush.

Ah, I thought with a small nod.  Well, at least he didn't pee on the floor!
 Estevan slid into bed beside me with that grin stamped across his face.

"Now? Where were we?" I asked him, walking my fingers up his chest playfully.

After some of the best woohoo in my life, I got up and began working on another batch of Potent Bliss. Man, it made Estevan way more intense and inventive in bed!  I was going to have to slip some Bliss in his drinks more often!
Distracted by the memory of my husband's sweet, sweet loving, I completely forgot that I'd already added some mushroom and completely mucked up my batch.  The smell was awful!
You would think that it would just make it a Super Potent Vial of Bliss.  But, no.  It made a nauseating mess!
I was only able to make one more Vial of Bliss before I was racing to the bathroom.
Man, I hadn't thrown up like this since the last time I was pregnant!

Danjou played happily with Butterfingers, his bestest friend!

 Meanwhile, Emu headed outside to try his hand at painting.

Feeling better after throwing up my innards, I slipped into some exercise clothes and started working out.
Apparently I blocked the path.

In the hall, I saw Danjou wiping tears from his eyes.
Aw, poor kid!  It was his birthday and I really wanted him to age up well.

I comforted him the best way I knew how.  "I have just the thing that'll pick you up!" I told him with a smile.
 I raised the Vial of Bliss.
 "MOM!" he shouted with alarm when I threw the bottle down at his feet.
 "I feel kinda weird..." he told me.

"Yeah? Feel better?" I asked, watching him closely and crossing my fingers.

He weaved sleepily.  "Uh, I'm not feeling so good.  I think I'm gonna lie down..." Danjou said, heading to his bed.

Hmm... guess it wasn't any good for kids.  Good to know! I thought, making a mental note.

Later that night, Danjou stirred restlessly.
Throwing the covers off, he stepped out of bed.  He didn't know what Mom had given him, but it had really made him feel weird!

He'd completely slept through his birthday!
Oh well, at least Butterfingers was here to celebrate with him!

Torch Holders: +1 (2) = 2
Painting of Torch Holder: +5 (1) = 5
Sim Failing School: -5
Visit from Service Sim: -5
Passing Out: -5 (3) = -15 
Self-Urination: -5 (8) = -40
Accidental Deaths: -10
Social Worker Visit: -15

Births: +5 (6) = 30

Twin Births: +10
Triplet Births: +15
Fulfilling LTW: +40
Achieving Honor Roll: +5 (2) = 10

Randomizing LTW choice and trait for a generation: +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: +10 (1) = 10
Every 100,000 dollars: +20
NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: +40
Cheat Penalty: -10 (2) = -20

A few scores I'm adding from now on (thanks for the ideas toxi!):
Pets, for each family pet: + 1 (1) = 1
Hands Off for a generation: +10
Fire!: -5 (1) = -5

Total: -22


  1. Yowzers, is Bitter pregnant again? You really want to make your ISBI challenging XD Wonder if Emu will actually find a way of becoming a vampire...

    1. No. She's not pregnant. Lol. I thought she might have been, but I think it's actually a by-product of failed Vials of Bliss. Sometimes the alchemy table gives her a nauseated feeling. HA!

      I have plans! We'll see if they actually work! ;)

  2. If you have her play with magic enough she actually can turn Estevan into a toad. Or cast a spell that makes them immedietly make out and skip to extremely irrestible. Have her practice that a bit and she will be turning her kiddies into toads soon!