Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Chapter 2.26 - Some party!

If I wanted something done around here, then I had to do it.  And I wanted to take a shower, so I had to fix it.

With the water running, I didn't hear anything weird.
Humming slightly off-tune, I stepped from the shower, surprised when a mop clattered to the floor.  What the heck was that about.
"Did you leave the mop in the bathroom?" I asked Danjou as I stepped out of the bathroom.

"No," Danjou said, shaking his head.
Then he saw Butterfingers sauntering out of the bathroom, too.

"Come here!" he hissed, grabbing his friend's arm and tugging him into his grandma's room.
I glanced back at my kid and rolled my eyes.  He certainly could be weird!  I began working out, trying to build my strength still.  This might be a midlife crisis wish, but it should've been so dang easy to accomplish!

"You can't just go around peeping on my mom in the shower!" Danjou told Butterfingers.  "It's rude!"
"Your mom is hot!" Butterfingers said, still shocked from the eyeful that he received.

Danjou glared.  "Take it back!"

Butterfingers shook his head.  "No!"
Danjou grabbed a pillow from the bed and held it up threateningly.  "I SAID, Take it Back!"

Butterfingers crossed his arms mulishly.  "Make me!" he taunted.

Danjou began whaling on his imaginary friend, pummeling him in defense of his mother's honor!

Emu stepped outside, deciding to work on his artwork.
Then, after short seconds, he remembered his mom's lackluster appreciation of his art.  With a frown he stepped down.  He couldn't handle that kind of artistic rejection.

"What are you doing in the kitchen?" I asked with annoyance.
"NOTHING!" Emu called out, grabbing the dirty plate and licking it.

"Did you just lick a dirty plate?" I called back.
"NO!" Emu called back.  He saw some leftover crust on the plate.
Quickly he fed it to Ginger.  "I was just giving Ginger some food!"

"That's nice of you!" I called back, wondering if my arms were ever going to firm up.
"Oh screw it," I sighed with defeat.  I was getting tired of working out.  If she was meant to be muscular, CAS would've made her muscular when she was born!

Emu went in the nursery to play with his doll.  "Oh, hello husband," he had the wife sweetly tell the husband in a high-pitched voice.

"Hello dear," he said in a deeper voice.
"I told you to take the trash out!" the wife said in a shrill voice.  "Take that! And that! And that!" Emu began smacking the wife against the husband, pretending that the wife was beating the husband up.  He let the husband clatter to the floor.

"Honey, did you remember to arrange a birthday party for Fig this evening?" Estevan called from the hallway.
"OH COURSE I DID!" I replied with indignation.  Turning my back to him, I pulled my phone out and sent out a mass text.
"You forgot, didn't you?!" he asked, walking up behind me.

I shoved the grilled cheese sandwhich in my mouth. "Of course not!" I mumbled around a full mouth.

"Then why did I just get a text from you?" he asked, holding up his cell phone.

Dangit. I shouldn't have included him on the text!

"Fine! I forgot! Does that make you happy?" I asked with an eye roll.
Estevan wasn't even paying attention.  He was creeping stealthily away.
He must've heard Emu killing the father doll again.
"BOO!" he called out, scaring the living daylights out of his son.
Grinning, he picked up Fig and smiled. "And that's how you do it, sweetheart," he said, snuggling her in his arms.

I decided if company was coming over, I should go ahead and clean up.  Didn't want people thinking we were a family full of slobs!

"Aw, come on Emu! Do that OUTSIDE!" I protested. "And clean up that pile of hair!"

I got a call from Constance at the alchemy shop.  She wanted to know if I could complete a medium sized painting for her to hang up.  "Sure. You got it!" I told her.
I headed out to the easel and stomped my foot.  "Dang it, Emu! Finish your stupid picture already!"
Grumbling, I headed into my room and pulled an old easel out of the closet.  This was going to be the best painting in the world!

I head the doorbell ring and started finishing my painting.  I could hear Estevan greeting people and inviting them in. 
Grabbing Fig, I headed to the cake.

I rolled my eyes when I saw my brother-in-law give my sister a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  "Sucker," I grumbled under my breath.  I bet Acai still didn't know that Bryant was in the criminal business!
Glancing towards the back of the room, I saw Tevi talking to my niece Christi.  She was the spitting image of Acai - well - except she was pink. Duh.
Kerry Alto was dancing with one of my brother's triplet girlfriend's.  I actually didn't know if he was dating any of them.  But, come on, the dude lived with all three sisters and had a baby with all three sisters, you were bound to think something weird was going on there!
I was a little torqued off when Blondie just sat down and began eating instead of jumping up and cheering for my birthday girl.
"Excuse me," Kerry said rudely to Estevan.  "I was going to sit down."
I couldn't wait for the girl to age up.  I was dead tired!
Happy Birthday Fig!

I hurried back to my room, passing Citron and one of the triplets - Amie - I think.  See? I knew there was something weird going on there!

(I'm not a 100% sure, but I don't think dogs are supposed to swim in the grass.)
(Realizing that my poor dog was glitched, I x-ed out the swimming function and had her climb from the pool.  She hurried down the steps of the above-ground pool.)
(But I still pretty sure there was something wrong from the waves floating behind her.)
(She hit dry land and immediately sunk into the grass again.)
(Finally, I managed to save her!  But, she was cold, wet, and very unhappy.  Look how sad she looks!)

I crashed.  I didn't even care what happened at the party.

Blonde triplet was talking to Alvi.
Apparently she should've kept her mouth shut!  Alvi gave her the stink eye.

Acai and Bryant were slow dancing like a true couple in icky love.

All of a sudden, Citron began messing with his ear.  Was he sick? Did he have an ear ache? What the heck?
All of a sudden, everyone in the room began rearing back and started dripping wet.  What the heck?  Did the roof start leaking?
Then I saw the problem, hiding behind Constance and looking quite worried.
"I SMELL LIKE WET DOG!" Acai cried, racing from the house.

Some party!


  1. Citron and his three girlfriends are funny XD And aww! Fig inherited the Wolff hair. She's still wearing a cute outfit :3

    1. I think so, too! I'm waiting to see if he starts up a romantic relationship with any of them! It's taking him long enough! Sheesh!

      You know, Danjou inherited the Wolff hair, too! I think that's where the lime-color came from for his hair! He just happened to inherit Simone's bright yellow hair!